Via Davia Vintage

About Via davia Vintage

Earl and Davia Hunter started Via Davia Vintage in 1999, renting a space at one of their favorite weekend hangs, The Melrose Trading Post (MTP). The plan was to sell off some of Davia’s growing collection of vintage clothing and accessories. However, the tremendous success of that day was clear evidence that they were at the start of something good. Unlike the everyday wear that permeated the local flea markets, “The Hunters were bringing fashion!" one early regular customer commented. Their elevated aesthetic helped to shape the place that is now known to be one of the best there is.

After getting married and starting a family, they realized they needed a more personal space to sell their ever growing collection. In 2003, they converted the garage of their home in Baldwin Hills, CA into a boutique. The space, which became known to many as simply "The Garage", would provide them with a place to do business and raise their two kids comfortably. They offered an appointment-only private shopping experience. The subsequent years were spent building a reputation as serious collectors and a source of inspiration for major design houses, celebrities, high-end vintage retailers, filmmakers, and more.

At Via Davia Vintage, we pride ourselves in having amassed a comprehensive collection of clothing and accessories for everyone from the casual vintage shopper, to the fashionista, to the serious vintage clothing collector. Whether in our booth, or at a private appointment, our goal is to give you an experience in vintage fashion. We have been grateful to curate showings at venues across the country. Currently, we are proud to exhibit at A Current Affair (LA, Brooklyn, San Francisco, Texas) and Pickwick Vintage Show.

Now in Van Nuys, CA our “Garage" has been upgraded to "The Backhouse," still offering private appointments. As Via Davia Vintage evolved, we decided that our collection should also be made available to a wider audience. Thus, was born.